Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein’s world

A mixture of hip-hop, rap and heavy metal, this is the message conveyed by collections of Philipp Plein, a key designer, passionate very young by the world of art and fashion. The creator reinvents with originality and happiness the aesthetic codes from the punk fashions. All in a chic and luxurious atmosphere, with a post-modern and futuristic touch. These different influences are reflected in the collections of Philipp Plein sneakers. Luxurious and performed in ultra-thin and flexible leather, these sneakers are decorated with fashionable details that make it unique.

Evok Stores offers you a selection of the best Philipp Plein sneakers. You will choose the model that best fits your personality, whimsical or sophisticated. The Philipp Plein sneakers have many assets to seduce: impeccable shapes, perfect comfort, a touch of quirky humour, and above all, the emblem of the brand, the skull and crossbones of pirates. For unique shoes to wear with passion and to be combined with your trend outfit, you will choose Philipp Plein sneakers.

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